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Ten Tips on Tank Prep for Winter

With winter weather coming, it is important to prepare your steel water storage tanks. Winter weather and colder temperatures will impact your steel storage tanks, no matter how severe the weather is. Below are several techniques which can keep your

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Ten Tips on Tank Prep For Winter

  As winter approaches, it is critical to prepare your water storage tanks. Regardless of how severe the weather is, winter will impact your steel storage tanks. Below are a few simple techniques which can keep your steel water tanks

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Just a small leak…

Unfortunately, no leak is a small leak and what starts as a minor leak can lead to a huge problem. The tank in the video is a 200,000 gallon wood tank used for water storage and clearly the tank requires

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New Tank Leasing Program

To help smaller water districts purchase water storage tanks, Superior Tank Solutions recently introduced a steel tank leasing program. Community service districts, municipal utilities, water districts and end users can now lease our bolted steel storage tanks for 24 to

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Is Super El Nino Coming?

California and the Western US have been in the midst of a severe drought with water storage supplies becoming dangerously low. Fortunately there may be a big relief coming in the way of a Super El Nino. As of June

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Case Study: High Disinfectant Consumption, High DBP levels – One Simple Solution.

Case Study of the City of Santa Cruz

The City of Santa Cruz faced an issue with water stratification as well as high Disinfection By-Products (DBP’s) levels after changing from ground water to surface water. The thermal stratification led to insufficient disinfectant circulation throughout the tank. The lower

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