Just a small leak…

Unfortunately, no leak is a small leak and what starts as a minor leak can lead to a huge problem. The tank in the video is a 200,000 gallon wood tank used for water storage and clearly the tank requires some significant work.

At this point the tank needs to the replaced as soon as possible as it is not repairable. The tank is a key element of the facilities operations and therefore it is critical a replacement installed quickly. Superior Tank Solutions will be able to provide a new bolted steel tank in record time to minimize the time the out of service duration. The leaking tank can remain in service temporarily until the new bolted steel tank can be manufactured at the factory then shipped to the location. A bolted steel tank of this size could be erected in place of the failing tank in under a week with very little interruption to the facility. Unlike temporary storage tanks, a bolted steel tank provides a permanent and long term solution.

See a bolted steel tank being manufactured then installed….

Superior Tank Solutions offers low cost tank conditional inspections, repairs and replacements.

Call or click today before a small leak gets out of control:


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