New Tank Leasing Program

To help smaller water districts purchase water storage tanks, Superior Tank Solutions recently introduced a steel tank leasing program.

Community service districts, municipal utilities, water districts and end users can now lease our bolted steel storage tanks for 24 to 60 months at attractive rates. Our leasing program allows buyers to spread payments out over time and conserve cash. Lease payments are funded via revenue from operations instead of using scarce capital funds. Storage tank ownership is seamlessly passed to the buyer at the end of the lease term.

Rates and terms for the tank lease will vary depending on the credit of the tank purchaser and project details.  In addition, one funding source will be considerably more competitive than others based on the specifications of the project and our dedicated leasing agent works with various funding sources and customizes packages to needs of the buyer. Our tanks are bundled together for higher volumes ensuring our customers are getting the most advantageous terms.

A wide range of bolted steel storage tanks from Superior Tank can be leased ranging from 10,000 to 3,500,000 gallons. Many types of bolted steel tanks including tanks used for storage of potable water, water for fire protection, rain water harvesting and wastewater can be funded via the leasing program. The erection cost as well as the purchase price of the tank can be included in the lease.

For details on our tank leasing program and a price estimate, we recommend speaking with our leasing specialist.


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