Ten Tips on Tank Prep for Winter


With winter weather coming, it is important to prepare your steel water storage tanks. Winter weather and colder temperatures will impact your steel storage tanks, no matter how severe the weather is. Below are several techniques which can keep your potable water tanks in top operating condition:

  • Inspect interior and exterior of tank for evidence of corrosion on metal surfaces
  • Check screens on roof vents and overflow piping are intact
  • Examine tank for potential areas of contamination such as roof hatches and other shell penetration
  • Ensure all access hatches have working locks to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Confirm operation of liquid level indicator
  • Visually inspect tank interior for excessive levels of sediment
  • Inspect tank for safety equipment such as anti-fall systems, roof tie offs and roof railing to ensure components are compliant with current codes.
  • Perform coating assessment to evaluate remaining lifespan
  • Review foundation integrity, remove organic debris and determine if potential seismic upgrades are required
  • Install active tank mixing system to prevent ice buildup and maintain water quality
  • Develop tank plan service/maintenance schedule

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Ten Tips on Tank Prep For Winter



As winter approaches, it is critical to prepare your water storage tanks. Regardless of how severe the weather is, winter will impact your steel storage tanks. Below are a few simple techniques which can keep your steel water tanks in top condition:

  • Check for signs of corrosion on metal surfaces (interior and exterior)
  • Ensure screens are intact on roof vents and overflow piping
  • Examine tank for potential areas of contamination such as roof hatches and other shell penetrations
  • Verify operation of liquid level indicator
  • Visually inspect tank interior for level of sediment accumulation
  • Review tank for potential safety concerns; anti-fall equipment, roof railing compliant with current codes, etc.
  • Perform coating assessment to evaluate lifespan remaining
  • Inspect foundation for integrity and potential seismic upgrades required
  • Purchase and install tank mixer systems to maintain water quality
  • Prioritize and plan service/maintenance

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Just a small leak…

Unfortunately, no leak is a small leak and what starts as a minor leak can lead to a huge problem. The tank in the video is a 200,000 gallon wood tank used for water storage and clearly the tank requires some significant work.

At this point the tank needs to the replaced as soon as possible as it is not repairable. The tank is a key element of the facilities operations and therefore it is critical a replacement installed quickly. Superior Tank Solutions will be able to provide a new bolted steel tank in record time to minimize the time the out of service duration. The leaking tank can remain in service temporarily until the new bolted steel tank can be manufactured at the factory then shipped to the location. A bolted steel tank of this size could be erected in place of the failing tank in under a week with very little interruption to the facility. Unlike temporary storage tanks, a bolted steel tank provides a permanent and long term solution.

See a bolted steel tank being manufactured then installed….

Superior Tank Solutions offers low cost tank conditional inspections, repairs and replacements.

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New Tank Leasing Program

To help smaller water districts purchase water storage tanks, Superior Tank Solutions recently introduced a steel tank leasing program.

Community service districts, municipal utilities, water districts and end users can now lease our bolted steel storage tanks for 24 to 60 months at attractive rates. Our leasing program allows buyers to spread payments out over time and conserve cash. Lease payments are funded via revenue from operations instead of using scarce capital funds. Storage tank ownership is seamlessly passed to the buyer at the end of the lease term.

Rates and terms for the tank lease will vary depending on the credit of the tank purchaser and project details.  In addition, one funding source will be considerably more competitive than others based on the specifications of the project and our dedicated leasing agent works with various funding sources and customizes packages to needs of the buyer. Our tanks are bundled together for higher volumes ensuring our customers are getting the most advantageous terms.

A wide range of bolted steel storage tanks from Superior Tank can be leased ranging from 10,000 to 3,500,000 gallons. Many types of bolted steel tanks including tanks used for storage of potable water, water for fire protection, rain water harvesting and wastewater can be funded via the leasing program. The erection cost as well as the purchase price of the tank can be included in the lease.

For details on our tank leasing program and a price estimate, we recommend speaking with our leasing specialist.


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Is Super El Nino Coming?


California and the Western US have been in the midst of a severe drought with water storage supplies becoming dangerously low. Fortunately there may be a big relief coming in the way of a Super El Nino. As of June 2014 the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) has updated the El Nino System Status to a “El Nino Watch”. The IRI predicts the chance of an El Nino for the Northern Hemisphere to be 70% summer and increasing to 80% this winter.

The effects of El Nino throughout the US could be dramatic. For example in parts of Southern California rain totals could equal 172% of Normal Precipitation. For parts of Northern California totals could reach 145% of Normal Precipitation. Other areas such as Washington D.C. could experience decreased snowfall amounts and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts hurricane season to be near or below normal levels. El Nino has not arrived yet and the situation is still unpredictable but conditions continue to be favorable.

Many utilities and water districts are already preparing for a wetter than usual winter. Routine maintenance such washouts, dry inspections and coating rehabs have been postponed for several years due to high fire danger and low water supplies. An El Nino winter is the perfect time to catch up and prepare tanks so maintenance is not required during the next drought.

Many sought after maintenance contractors are reporting their winter schedules filling up fast due to higher demand.

Call today to schedule your tank washout or coating inspection today!

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Smaller size, smaller price, same BIG results!

Superior Tank Solutions now offers a smaller electric mixer specifically designed for tanks between 20,000 and 1,000,000 gallons. The new model is 2/3 the size of current designs but will still significantly reduce thermal stratification, improve water quality, and increase chlorine distribution for homogeneous water quality. In addition, the mixer system will inhibit biofilm growth and prevent icing and related damage. The compact design lowers the price to the point it is now within the means of smaller districts with tighter budgets.


New mixer is engineered to provide near-laminar-flow for long distance, non-turbulent mixing. For maximum efficiency the mixer to operates continuously creating a uniform flow of water throughout the entire tank structure. Instead of creating turbulence in the water near the unit, the new mixer gently and smoothly propels a wide, low velocity column of water from the bottom of the tank to the surface where it flows on the surface to the tank perimeter then back down to the floor. The near-laminar flow mixer can efficiently circulate up to 10,000 gallons per minute but still requires very little power.

Proper water circulation throughout the tank ensures consistent disinfectant residual and uniform water age. When disinfectant is evenly distributed, the accuracy of testing samples is improved and correct results prevents over or under chlorination.


A small investment in the installation of a new mixer can provide big results in the operating efficiency of your tanks.
Superior Tank Solutions can professionally install your new mixer in the optimal position for greatest results.
The new compact mixer with professional installation is surprising affordable and within the reach of most districts.

Please call for pricing, or contact us here

Improve the operating performance of your tanks with a simple and cost effective solution!
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Budgeting Made Easy

Guaranteed Annual Maintenance Program

With our exclusive Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) your budget will be simple and straightforward. All preventative tank maintenance will be covered under one guaranteed annual fee and we take all the risk. No more questionable third party inspections or costly change orders and risk associated with the traditional low bid process. Know your tank is receiving Superior maintenance and eliminate budget busting surprise tank repairs. Just one low annual all inclusive price.

We custom tailor an ongoing program to your system’s specific requirements; nothing more/nothing less. We will not sell you anything you do not need!

All you need to do is insert your tank maintenance program fee into your budget year after year knowing this number will always be correct.

STS Maintenance

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Guaranteed Annual Maintenance Program cost:


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Case Study: High Disinfectant Consumption, High DBP levels – One Simple Solution.

Case Study of the City of Santa Cruz

The City of Santa Cruz faced an issue with water stratification as well as high Disinfection By-Products (DBP’s) levels after changing from ground water to surface water. The thermal stratification led to insufficient disinfectant circulation throughout the tank. The lower circulation, lower residual levels and the change in water source resulted in increased consumption of disinfectant leading to higher levels of DBPs formed during the disinfection process. The site affected by the change houses four 1,500,000 gallon potable water storage tanks manufactured by Superior Tank Co., Inc.

To reduce operating costs, improve water quality and ensure EPA compliance for DBP levels the City implemented a pilot program to compare the different industry leading in tank active mixing and DBP removal systems. After comparing several products the City selected a system consisting of a floating spray nozzle and associated stratification elimination equipment. Since installing this system the City has achieved a 40% reduction in DBP and dramatically improved disinfectant mixing with excellent operating cost efficiency.

Superior Tank Solutions supplies and installs a full range of mixing and DBP elimination systems custom designed to your specific needs.

Call to see how Superior Tank Solutions can reduce your operating costs and improve your water quality.


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